why another Masonic Blog?

Frankly, the last thing this world needs is another Masonic blog. There's an abundance of content and material out there related to our gentle craft, some good, some great, some... well.

However, I was inspired by a reddit post that led me to an article on, yes, a Masonic blog about writing and documenting your life both in and out of Masonry. Previously I've written many articles for my home lodge's trestleboard (mason for "newsletter".) I've written for and been featured in the Southern California Research Lodge publication "The Fraternal Review", and I still actively give lectures and presentations at lodges in and around Los Angeles and Southern California on topics of Masonic interest.

However, my writing had fallen off in the last year or so. I got busy. Work and business took off. Travel interrupted. My darling baby daughter is now a rambunctious, infectiously intelligent toddler. So, the pen no longer flowed with rambling research, and observations of my favorite aspect of Masonry: "Our Mystery and our History." Where they align, where they deviate, and why both aspects of our culture are important.

This quote from "The Royal Art" really inspired me:

This post is a charge to write — and I extend this charge to all Brethren. Preserve your thoughts, insights, and reflections. Write something — whether it’s a research paper or a poem — it doesn’t matter. Leave something behind so that future generations of Masons can have your perspective. You never know — it may be read by your son. It may be read by your great-great-great-grandson. There is no price tag we can put to this.

So, challenge accepted brethren. Here I am picking up the proverbial pen once again to preserve my thoughts, insights and reflections. This is as much a record and diary for myself as it is for readers. Expect to see research and articles that I have written previously, as well as up to date musings and reports on my travels through life and Masonry in general.

-Bro Bryan Godwin